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Our Services

Money Gram

The MoneyGram brand is recognized throughout the world as a leading global payment services company. The diverse array of products and services we offer enables consumer and businesses to make payments and transfer money around the world. From New York to Russia or London to India - in more than 197 countries - MoneyGram's money transfer service moves money quickly and easily around the world.

Western Union

The worldwide leader in Money TransferTM. Our organization is a prime agent of the western union in Delhi. We are having Internet based payment system which gives you the fastest service.

American Express

The pioneer in the Traveler Cheques. Amex TC are the only Traveler Cheques which are accepted in any part of the world. The Amex TC are the leader in traveler cheques and these are very safe and secure.

Travelex TC

The travelex group has rapidly made foray into the Traveler Cheques Business and due to easiness and wide spread service centres in world these are now giving strong competitions to Amex in TC

We are always eager to alliance with eligible and genuine organization and believe that only by mutual cooperation there is strong possibility that our customers will feel delighted in using our services as they will have more options and we have more products to offer.
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